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Matcha Mind - Elixir Blend

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Matcha Mind - Elixir Blend

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Refresh your mind with this smooth blend of mood-boosting herbs and mushrooms. Full-bodied matcha, mind-nourishing lion’s mane, and energizing moringa.

Vegan-friendly and now in 100% compostable packaging (inclusive of the cellulose bag!).

Why we love it: 

  • Improves clarity and focus
  • Supports memory and brain health
  • Nutritive and energy-boosting
  • Nourishes body and mind
  • Stress and mood support

Directions (hot elixir): 1 tbsp 5 Mushroom Blend + 1 tsp Coconut Oil + 8oz (236ml) hot water, tea or dairy/alternative.Combine in blender, makes 1 serving.

Directions (cold elixir): 1 tbsp 5 Mushroom Blend + 8oz (236ml) dairy/alternative + 1 tsp honey. Combine in blender, makes 1 serving. Add ice cubes.

Size: 110g | 18 servings

Ingredients: organic matcha tea, wild-harvested green tea pollen, organic moringa powder, organic lion’s mane mushroom extract, and mucuna pruriens extract