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Chaiwala | Herbal Chai
Chaiwala | Herbal Chai
Chaiwala | Herbal Chai


Chaiwala | Herbal Chai

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A twist on Chaiwala's Original Chai blend. Naturally caffeine-free & packed full of antioxidants. Chaiwala Herbal Masala Chai is a 100% natural, handcrafted blend of fresh ginger root, freshly ground spices, and honey. An authentic chai blend made with love in small batches.

Why we love it: 

Herbal Chai can support

  • Antioxidant activity, boosting the immune system
  • Decreased frequency and/or duration of sickness
  • The digestive process

How we use it: We especially love this caffeine-free Herbal Chai as a latte (iced too!) using our Housemade Nut Milk. Did you know we serve this one up, in-house? 

Directions for tea: Steep 1 heaping tsp in a cup of boiling water. For brewing - the longer the stronger! 

Directions for latte: In a small pot, combine 1 tablespoon of Chaiwala Chai with 1 cup of milk. Heat over the stove on low to just under a boil. Strain into a mug and enjoy!

Size: 150g | 35 servings

Ingredients: fresh ginger root, honey, and freshly ground spice