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Oversized Turkish Towel | Solstice

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Oversized Turkish Towel | Solstice

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Versatile enough to suit any decor aesthetic, these towels are dyed by hand to create a unique appearance and finished with a knotted fringe. Beautifully hand-loomed by  Turkish artisans.

Why we love it:

  • Its unique weave dries quickly and is naturally antibacterial so it will never have that damp towel smell
  • Great for travel, these towels are incredibly absorbent yet lightweight
  • They're super cozy when wrapped around sun-kissed skin

How we use it: After a bath, at the beach or pool as a sarong, at home like a blanket, or day to day as a scarf!

Directions: Soak in cold water overnight before first use to allow the fibers to plump up and begin the natural softening process.

Because they are hand-loomed, natural variations may be found in the towels and some fading will occur making each one unique and beautiful. Machine wash on cold, hang to dry, enjoy and repeat.

Size: 160cm x 100cm

Ingredients: 100% Turkish cotton