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Vital Mushroom Coffee | Tin (250g)
Vital Mushroom Coffee | Tin (250g)
Vital Mushroom Coffee | Tin (250g)

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Vital Mushroom Coffee | Tin (250g)

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MushUp’s Vital Mushroom Coffee offers global well-being, as it is full of antioxidants, is detoxifying, and has a rejuvenating impact on the body and soul. Thanks to the medicinal mushroom extracts of reishi, chaga, and turkey tail this coffee offers you a healthier and more balanced day, in addition to strengthening your immune system for continued well-being.

This Italian roast coffee is simply exquisite in espresso, flat white and macchiato; allowing you to really appreciate this ancestral roasting technique, with expertly balanced notes.

Why we love it: 

Vital Mushroom Coffee can support

  • Strength and stamina
  • Antioxidant activity in the body
  • Energy and resistance to stress via adaptogenic action
  • Mental and physical fatigue related to stress
  • Immune health 
  • Mental clarity, memory, and focus
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Nervous system health

How we use it: Did you know we use these coffee beans in-house at our cafe? We love a MushUp latte made with our Housemade nut milk :)

Size: 250g 

Dosage: 400mg mushroom extract per 10g coffee beans

Ingredients: a blend of Nicaraguan and Ethiopian beans, extracts of reishi, chaga, and turkey tail.