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Chlorophyll 15x Concentrate

land art

Chlorophyll 15x Concentrate

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Land Art’s Chlorophyll is extracted from high-quality, GMO-free, wild alfalfa. It is cold extracted without any chemical solvents using a supercritical procedure. 

Why we love it: 

Chlorophyll may

  • Help the body to eliminate toxins
  • Promote the alkalization and deodorization of the body
  • Support anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actions

How we use it: We love putting it in our water first thing in the morning. It's also great for green smoothies, and raw treats - get creative with it!

Directions + dosage: 

  • Adults (18 years and older): ½ teaspoon ( 2.5 ml ) per day
  • Children and adolescents (1-17 years old): Consult a health care practitioner

Size: 100ml / approximately 40 servings


  • Chlorophyll (sodium copper chlorophyllin), water from reverse osmosis, sodium chloride