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Cordyceps Matcha Energizer

Ru Mushrooms

Cordyceps Matcha Energizer

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This blend combines the regenerative and healing properties of medicinal mushrooms with the highly desired energizing and antioxidant effects of quality Matcha Green Tea Powder. Find alertness, relieve fatigue, and support your overall health with mushrooms. This is the perfect replacement for coffee.

Why we love it: 

Cordyceps Energizer Matcha can

  • Improve clarity and focus
  • Support memory and brain health
  • Provide a balanced energy-boost 
  • Nourish body and mind
  • Support stress and mood

Directions: For a traditional matcha drink, whisk 1 tbsp with a splash of water until foamy, then add water. Sweeten to taste. It can be consumed as a tea, in smoothies, in juice, in coffee, for baking, or with water/as a shot.

Ingredients: organic cordyceps extract powder, organic superior grade matcha, organic ashwagandha, organic camu camu powder