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Cultivating Conversations Card Deck
Cultivating Conversations Card Deck

wilde house paper

Cultivating Conversations Card Deck

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Inspired by the connection that comes from letting down walls and diving deeper, the Cultivating Conversations Card Deck is an innovative way to tap into new realms of discovery. Designed to be used solo or with others, these cards focus on seven key realms of life to assist in tapping into new areas of reflection and growth.

With casual use intended, draw a card to inspire a fresh journaling session or play with a friend to learn something new about yourself and others in your circle. Each deck includes 70 intentional questions within 7 realms – Past, Present, Future, Soul, Self, Inspiration & Emotions. Every card has two questions – the first side with an initial invitation question and the second side with a diving deeper question. 

Specifications: 70 cards | 140 questions

Made using recycled hemp, ribbed stock paper