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Drizzle Raw Honey | Berry Bliss

drizzle honey

Drizzle Raw Honey | Berry Bliss

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Part of Drizzle Honey’s Superfood Honey Collection - Bee-friendly, completely raw, 100% Canadian, health-conscious, and superfood-powered!

Lush, juicy, and bursting with super berry goodness, Berry Bliss makes for a perfect, energizing addition to your day. Drizzle onto baked goods, blend into a vinaigrette or enjoy by the spoonful. 

Why we love it: 

Berry Bliss Antioxidant Raw Honey may 

  • Help to boost your overall immunity by supporting the antioxidant activity within the body
  • Help to support the digestive system
  • Help with your adaptability and resiliency

How we use it: By the spoonful, drizzled on top of our granola, on toast (a new take on NB+J), and in our raw treats! 

Directions: Stir into tea or hot water, drizzle over raw energy bars, use in a berry vinaigrette, mix into smoothies, create a custom cocktail, make a honeyberry compote, blend into fresh fruit popsicles, drizzle over plain yogurt, the possibilities are endless!

Size: 350g

Ingredients: drizzle honey, organic dried Canadian wild blueberry, organic schizandra, beet extract, organic goji, organic acai, blueberry extract