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Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea

firebat coffee roasters

Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea

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Firebat's Cascara Cherry Tea comes from the Calera farm, from the naturally processed coffee beans dried on raised beds. This delicious tea is full of antioxidants and naturally sweet! Can be enjoyed hot, made into cold brew, syrup, or made into a cascara soda.

The Calera farm belongs to seven brothers, of whom the oldest, Samuel, manages the coffee production. Calera extends over a complete mountain, facing the El Trifinio natural reserve where El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras meet their border. Calera is planted with bourbon, pacamara, and Kenyan varieties. Coffee thrives among the centennial pine tree forest and the cool micro-climate provides optimal conditions for coffee production. Calera is a true ecological sanctuary providing crucial shelter for migratory birds, it is estimated that over 275 bird species live on this mountain range.

Why we love it: 

  • High in antioxidants
  • Naturally sweet

Size: 120g

Flavour Notes: peach, hibiscus, cherry