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Chill - Hemp Extract Tea


Chill - Hemp Extract Tea

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This soothing herbal blend is for you if you get anxiety and restlessness, could use some TLC & relaxation, or you’re just flat out feeling stressed out.

Why we love it: 

Chill tea can

  • Soothe anxiety and restlessness
  • Chill you out when you're overstimulated
  • Support mood elevation
  • Provide stress support

Size: 10 teabags

Directions: Steep one tea bag for 3-5 minutes in a cup of boiling water, strain and enjoy! Option to leave the teabag in for a stronger brew. 

Ingredients: damiana leaf, lemon verbena, lavender flowers, cleavers herb, oat straw, calendula petals, peppermint, full-spectrum hemp extract

100% organic herbs, 7mg full-spectrum hemp extract per tea bag, non-intoxicating