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Holy Basil Botanical Extract
Holy Basil Botanical Extract
Holy Basil Botanical Extract

the new new age

Holy Basil Botanical Extract

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Formulated to promote peaceful ascension, this special limited edition botanical extract features single-origin holy basil grown by The New New Age on their permaculture farm, and alchemized by Dr Richard Vuksinic, ND. of Enriched Roots and Old Believers Botanicals. Richard takes their single-origin holy basil and blends his experience as a naturopathic doctor and his ancient cultural roots to create herbal extracts intended to engage your senses and enhance your connection to nature.

This blend features a complex flavour profile with notes of blueberries, basil, and cloves. 

Why we love it: 

  • May promote connection with your higher self and the natural world
  • May enhance experiences during rituals
  • Each batch of handcrafted extracts is created with ritual intention, deep connection, and faithful care

Directions: We recommend using a full dropper in a cup of tea or coffee, smoothies, or combined with your favourite beverage. You can also take it on its own, to taste it's full spectrum of flavour. 

Size: 100ml

Ingredients: holy basil, spring water, organic cane alcohol, wild flower honey

To create this limited edition botanical extract, The New New Age uses natural spring water, local raw wildflower honey, organic cane alcohol and Holy Basil grown using permaculture methods and beyond-organic practices on their farm.