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Inner Compass Cards
Inner Compass Cards
Inner Compass Cards

inner compass

Inner Compass Cards

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The original Inner Compass cards are a very powerful instrument for self-reflection and personal growth. Each of the 49 cards represents a unique theme to help you awake your intuition and encourage you in your daily life. They guide you on a daily basis or whenever you need a question to be answered on a specific situation in your life.

Inner Compass cards are easy to use and perfect for anyone ready to reach his or her full potential in a playful way!

In today’s hectic life, full of distractions and noise, let these cards help reconnect you to that voice within. You will once again be able to set a course following your own inner compass.

Why we love it: 

  • Self-reflection and personal growth
  • Connection to higher self + purpose

How we use it: Pulling a daily card or in moments when we need to reconnect to our own energy and intuition. 

Quantity: 49 cards