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La Revolución Coffee Beans

firebat coffee roasters

La Revolución Coffee Beans

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This coffee is a bold and flavourful blend created for the dark roast lovers out there, for those who prefer their coffee vivid and strong. It’s for the days when you feel like you need a boost to keep going or an inspiration to start your day off with a purpose.

Revolución means a revolution in Spanish and this coffee embodies motivation and strength. 

Flavour notesdark chocolate, molasses, bold

Roast Profile: dark 

Why we love it:

  • Sustainably produced, direct-trade coffee beans
  • The transparent process from farm to cup
  • Complex and consistent flavor profiles
  • Firebat partners with producers who follow shade-grown coffee production and understand the importance of maintaining, if not improving, the existing environmental conditions at their farm (not only is coffee a shade-loving plant, but this also helps maintain soil quality, preserve water reserves, and provide habitat for wildlife and migratory birds)

Size: 340g