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Los Pocitos Coffee Beans

firebat coffee roasters

Los Pocitos Coffee Beans

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This Pacamara washed bean from Los Pocitos has a solid creamy body with cacao and baked brown sugar undertones. It’s a great coffee for a thick espresso shot or for a pour-over. Its thick body makes it syrupy and with a lingering cacao aftertaste.

Flavour notes: cacao nibs, brown sugar, creamy 

Why we love it:

  • Sustainably produced, direct-trade coffee beans
  • The transparent process from farm to cup
  • Complex and consistent flavor profiles
  • Firebat partners with producers who follow shade-grown coffee production and understand the importance of maintaining, if not improving, the existing environmental conditions at their farm (not only is coffee a shade-loving plant, but this also helps maintain soil quality, preserve water reserves, and provide habitat for wildlife and migratory birds)

Size: 340g