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Nourish My Brain Adaptogen Blend
Nourish My Brain Adaptogen Blend

peak and valley

Nourish My Brain Adaptogen Blend

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This neuroscientist-formulated cognitive support blend uses the power of adaptogens to help protect against stress, and medicinal mushroom extracts and herbs to boost memory and increase focus. This caramel-like, earthy tasting blend of maca root, ashwagandha, snow mushroom, and lion’s mane mushroom is perfect for avoiding distractions during long meetings, powering through an afternoon of creative time, or just helping you stay sharp!

Why we love it: 

Nourish My Brain Adaptogen Blend can help to

  • Support mental performance, learning, and memory
  • Protect against age-related cognitive decline
  • Reduce and manage the body's stress response

Directions: Add 1 tsp to a cup of hot water, milk, or any other dairy alternative. Sweeten to taste - and simply, indulge! 

Size: 89g 

Ingredients: organic lion’s mane mushroom extract, organic tremella mushroom extract, maca root extract, ashwagandha root extract

Note: Peak and Valley only uses the fruiting body (not mycelium) for all of their mushroom extracts. Their Lion's Mane extract contains over 25% Beta-D-Glucans, while their Snow Mushroom contains over 10%.