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Nurture My Skin Adaptogen Blend
Nurture My Skin Adaptogen Blend

peak and valley

Nurture My Skin Adaptogen Blend

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This dermatologist-approved skin-brightening blend uses adaptogens to help manage stress, alongside medicinal mushroom extracts and herbs to protect against inflammation, sun damage, and wrinkles. This peppery and earthy tasting blend provides overall nourishment for the skin from the inside out! 

Why we love it: 

Nurture My Skin Adaptogen Blend can help 

  • Protect against wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damage
  • Improve skin's moisture and elasticity
  • Soothe inflamed and irritated skin
  • Protect against photo-aging associated with UV damage
  • Decrease fatigue, increase physical endurance

Directions: Add 1 tsp to a cup of hot water, milk, or any other dairy alternative. Sweeten to taste - and simply, indulge! 

Size: 89g 

Ingredients: turmeric root powder, astragalus root powder, organic cordyceps mushroom extract, rosehips powder, angelicae sinensis, organic black pepper powder

Note: Peak and Valley only uses the fruiting body (not mycelium) for all of their mushroom extracts. Their cordyceps extract contains over 25% Beta-D-Glucans.