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Arouse Herbal Smoking Blend
Arouse Herbal Smoking Blend
Arouse Herbal Smoking Blend


Arouse Herbal Smoking Blend

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⁣Set the mood with this sensual blend. Embrace pleasure with the support of herbs like lavender, red raspberry, and damiana - known for their ability to promote circulation and improve sensitivity. Use anytime you want to connect.

Tasting notes: smooth, mildly spicy, hints of malt and smokey citrus

Why we love it: 

Arouse can support

  • Embracing pleasure + sensuality
  • Tuning into your feminine energy (this goes for both men and women!)
  • A healthy libido and stamina

How we use it: This blend is great for when we want to tune into our feminine energy. It tastes well on its own and in combination with cannabis flowers! 

Directions: Combine blend with cannabis flowers or roll on its own, using whatever papers you have on hand. Don't have any? Head on over to our Herbal Smoke and Accessories collection to grab some! 

Size: 20g

Ingredientsred raspberry leaf, damiana, lavender, catnip, calendula, lady’s mantle, passionflower