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Chakra Energy Balancing Perfume

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Chakra Energy Balancing Perfume

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Chakra Energy Balancing Perfume is a powerful and balancing blend that helps reconnect you with your heart chakra.

Why we love it: 

  • free of animal fats, synthetics, parabens, plastics, and all other chemical preservatives
  • petrochemical and cruelty-free

How we use it: We love massaging it over the center of our chest (location of the heart chakra) for a multisensory experience! 

Directions: Massage over your heart chakra, or any of your other pulse points (wrists, neck, behind your ears).

Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Size: 10ml

Ingredients: frankincense (crown chakra), sandalwood (ajna chakra), lavender/ german chamomile (throat chakra), rose (heart chakra), grapefruit (solar plexus), ylang ylang/ cinnamon bark (sacral chakra), cedarwood/ rosewood (root chakra), and coconut oil