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Propolis Spray
Propolis Spray

beekeeper's naturals

Propolis Spray

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Beekeeper's Naturals premium natural bee propolis throat spray is your go-to for sore throats and immune support. Prized as the immune system of the hive, propolis has proven incredible germ-fighting properties and even contains over 300 beneficial vitamins, minerals, and compounds—making it nature’s ultimate defender.

With loads of powerful antioxidants, bee propolis is a great ally during periods of high stress. A wonderful boost when travelling.

Plus..... it's more than just a throat spray!

  • Upgrade the antioxidant power of your smoothies and morning granola with a few spritzes.
  • Spray on minor scrapes, minor burns, and blemishes to encourage healthy skin.

Directions: Take 3-4 sprays of propolis on the tongue once or twice daily. During periods of high stress or fatigue, take 4-5 sprays up to 5 times daily.  

Ingredients: Bee Propolis (95% Extract), Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin and Purified Water.

Free of artificial preservatives and colors, fillers, alcohol, refined sugar and gluten.

Certified paleo and gluten-free.