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Rallis Organic Raw Ice Pressed Olive Oil


Rallis Organic Raw Ice Pressed Olive Oil

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Raw, green, and refreshing with a natural peppery bite!

Rallis' ice pressed olive oil is a great addition to salads, smoothies, grilled veggies, or on its own as a part of a medical regime.

Why we love it: 

  • They press their olives 20x - 30x colder to create a truly raw olive oil that actually tastes like olives!
  • This oil is unblended, meaning that there is only Rallis Olive Oil in the bottle (they refrain from blending with cheaper oils to yield a higher profit!)
  • They're unfiltered - their bottles will have a little bit of sediment in the bottom (there are valuable nutrients in the sediment that are passed along to you!)
  • Small batch processing that maintains high quality & freshness

Size: 375ml | 12oz

Additional Details:

  • Country of origin: Greece
  • Harvest type: early