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Repel Outdoor Mist
Repel Outdoor Mist

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Repel Outdoor Mist

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Repel Outdoor Mist is a rare bug repellant that’s both chemical-free and deliciously scented. Using a mix of witch hazel and essential oils (citronella, clove bud, lavender, and tea tree) that are known to ward off pests, the mist sits lightly on the skin, letting you enjoy warm weather without the usual hassles and boosting your mood in the process.

Directions: Spray the Mist 8 inches away from any exposed skin while lounging on the patio with friends, camping, catching some sun on the beach, or going on an outdoor run. Reapply every few hours or after spending time in the water. Shake well before use to emulsify. This is a natural product and separation will occur between use.

Size: 118ml

Ingredients: distilled water (eau distille), witch hazel (hamamélis de virginie), citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree, lavender, and clove bud essential oils (huiles essentielles de cendrillon, de citronelle, de romarin, de l’arbre à thé, de lavende, et le clou de girofle), polysorbate 20