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Honey Facial Mask | Seaweed

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Honey Facial Mask | Seaweed

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Wildcrafted kelp from the North Atlantic ocean, certified organic spirulina and raw wildflower honey from Ontario, Canada combine to form a hydrating and nourishing skin tonic.

Enchant yourself with a cooling sea breeze, the soothing briny embrace of marine plants, and the happy buzzing of bees' magic work to leave your face refreshed and alive with a balanced soft glow.

Why we love it: 

  • 100% edible beauty
  • Tone, rejuvenate and illuminate 
  • Rich in antioxidants and naturally occurring enzymes
  • Their raw and unpasteurized honey maintains beneficial enzymatic actions

Directions: For application, simply scoop out some of this Seaweed Honey Face Mask with your fingers or a spoon, mix with a dab of water and apply evenly to your face. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and gently rinse with warm water.

You can also use their Seaweed Honey Face Mask as a face cleanser for a quicker exfoliating and hydrating skin treatment. Mix with a dab of water in your hands, then slather on your face and rinse.

Size: 140g

Ingredients: raw honey, organic spirulina & wild foraged kelp