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Tea of Peace - Pine + Reishi Tea
Tea of Peace - Pine + Reishi Tea

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Tea of Peace - Pine + Reishi Tea

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This subtle and refreshing tea features reishi mushroom, elderflowers, and white pine - also known as The Tree of Peace, which has a rich history of unifying warring nations and bringing peace and love to the land.

This tea inspires a sense of inner peace and by extension, world peace.

Tasting notes: pine, forest floor

Why we love it: 

  • Promotes a sense of peace + calming
  • Removes toxins + eliminates stagnation within the body
  • Helps lessen seasonal allergy symptoms

How we use it: Perfect for grounding during ceremonies or in rituals! 

Directions: Brew 1 tsp in a cup of water for approx. 3-5 minutes, strain - and simply, enjoy!

Size: 30g 

Ingredients: eastern white pine, elderflower, yarrow, reishi mushroom

All ingredients are either permacultural grown, ethically wildcrafted, or certified organic.