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Botanical Supplement - Vitamin D

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Botanical Supplement - Vitamin D

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A Canadian must-have. An essential factor in the maintenance of bones, teeth and general health.

Canadian, synthetic and filler-free, vegan-friendly.

Why we love it: 

Vitamin D can support you if

  • You work indoors or wear sunscreen since our bodies convert sunshine into vitamin D
  • You're in the Northern Hemisphere where you don't get enough sunlight for sufficient vitamin D production
  • You're looking to your bone and teeth health
  • You're deficient in Vitamin D (many of us are, since we can't get this through diet!)
  • You're looking to prevent osteoporosis, in combination with calcium intake
  • You need a boost in your body's absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus

Directions: Adults - take one (1) capsule twice daily.  

As vitamin D needs vary, we suggest you get a blood test so your healthcare provider can recommend the right dose for you. Keep out of reach of children.

Size: 62 capsules, 500mg each | approx. 2 months of use if consumed daily

Ingredients: organic portobello mushrooms (1000 IU vitamin D), organic spinach, organic quinoa, vegan capsule shells, and nothing else